Opened in May 2017, the Chenies Mews Imaging Centre is a mixed use clinical and research MRI facility located in Central London.  The state of art facility employs the very latest in MRI scanner technology combined with highly respected and skilled clinical scientists and imaging specialists, placing it at the forefront of modern medical imaging for both clinical and research applications.  Whilst the centre has a predominant focus on cardiac and neuro imaging applications, our experience also extends to musculoskeletal and abdominal/pelvic examinations.  Our imaging service is delivered from our high-end, designer facility where visitors are supported and cared for by a dedicated team of specialist radiographers, administration staff and healthcare assistants.

The Chenies Mews Imaging Centre hosts two magnet systems which are both available for clinical and research (commercial and academic) use.  Both systems are supported by the very latest in post processing hardware and software.

Siemens Magnetom Prisma

Our Magnetom Prisma offers a unique 3T platform from which to tackle the most demanding of MRI examinations.  This robust scanner offers maximum performance, providing the user with an unrivalled opportunity to capitalise fully on the time spent on the magnet, whilst also allowing us to push the boundaries of modern imaging to create bespoke sequences for new applications.  We are proud to put the best people in the world together with the best equipment, to create the tests of the future, today.  With its practically unlimited imaging and innovation capabilities, we can provide the full complement of techniques to answer questions on functionality, physiology, morphometry, metabolism and quantitative MRI.

Technical Details

Field Strength 3 Tesla
Bore Size 60 cm (213 cm length)
Gradient Strength XR Gradients (80mT/m @ 200T/m/s)
  Tim 4G
  Higher Order shim
  Parallel transmit with TimTX True Shape Technology
  Full complement of RF coil technology


Siemens Magnetom Aera

Our top of the range Magnetom Aera magnet is a 1.5T platform which offers high subject comfort (70 cm ultra-short bore design) and high productivity for both clinical and research applications.  Offering exceptional quality and efficiency, the Aera is more than capable of offering a cost effective solution to still complex clinical and research questions.

Technical Details

Field Strength 1.5 Tesla
Bore Size 70 cm (137cm length)
Gradient Strength XQ Gradients (45mT/m @ 200T/m/s)
  Tim 4G
  Full complement of RF coil technology



The Chenies Mews Imaging Centre is able to offer immediate availability on both magnet systems to researchers looking for a reliable and cost efficient provider of MRI scanning.  All initial enquiries should be directed to Jodee Cooper, Business Manager at or 0207 014 9510.

Pricing is available on request.