CMIC Attends the 2018 British Cardiovascular Imaging Meeting


On 2nd May, members of staff from the Chenies Mews Imaging Centre were fortunate to attend a 3- day conference in Edinburgh. The British Cardiovascular meeting was the first time that experts from Cardiac MRI, Cardiac CT and Cardiac Nuclear medicine had joined and had their annual meetings together. The conference started with addresses from the President from each academic Society including our medical director at Chenies Mews, Prof James Moon.

This meeting was a very interesting combination of lectures from experts in all areas of Cardiac imaging, as well as poster presentations and demonstrations from the major manufacturers of Cardiac imaging equipment.

We heard from experts from the UK and we were lucky enough to hear keynote speeches, on each of the 3 days, from experts from Germany and the United States.

This meeting enabled Cardiologists, Physics experts and Radiographers to share their experiences in each field, and allowed us to compare notes on the challenges of each area of imaging as well as allowing us to improve our techniques and learn from each others successes.

It was an extremely successful gathering that we felt has brought the three fields of diagnostic imaging closer together.  We look forward to participating in further developments and collaborations.

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