Fetal MRI Scans

Chenies Mews offer specialist fetal MRI scanning using the latest technology in a safe and comfortable environment and immediate results are available from a leading consultant neonatal neuroradiologist.


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The Chenies Mews Imaging Centre is fully equipped with the latest MRI scanners and our expert team of fetal imaging specialists will ensure you get the highest quality results.

Our service is led by consultant radiologists who have undertaken specific training in fetal MRI and are experts in both performing and interpreting fetal MRI scans. We are pleased to offer a unique service where following the MRI scan, the radiologist will sit down with the mother and review the scan immediately, so that the mother does not have to wait for their results.

Flexible appointments are available to both insured and self funded patients.

What is a fetal MRI scan?

A fetal MRI scan is an imaging test that can significantly increase the chances of accurate diagnosis when an abnormality is suspected during your pregnancy. Ultrasound scans are a routine part of prenatal care, and women can expect to be given an ultrasound scan at 8 – 14 weeks and 18 – 21 weeks.  However, the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound is limited, especially for detecting abnormalities in the developing brain. Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can offer much more detail than ultrasound and can help doctors diagnose problems that may lead to disorders such a cerebral palsy and autism, much sooner.

Other vital organs such as the heart, kidney and lungs can also be assessed using fetal MRI to ensure any problems are detected as early as possible.

When should I have a fetal MRI?

Fetal MRI is typically used when an abnormality is suspected following your ultrasound scan, or if the ultrasound scan has been difficult to perform.  A fetal MRI may recommended if an ultrasound scan was inconclusive due to technical difficulties. Some women may also be referred for fetal MRI when there is a condition in pregnancy that may affect the fetal brain, or if there is a higher than normal risk of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Are fetal MRI scans safe?

It is natural for parents to be nervous when they come in for a fetal MRI scan as they may be worried that the scan may be harmful for their baby.  However, MRI is a safe medical procedure and there is no evidence to suggest that an MRI scan after the first trimester of pregnancy is harmful to either the mother or the baby. MRI scanners do not use any harmful radiation but instead use a powerful magnet and radio waves to create extremely detailed pictures of your baby.  For fetal MRI, we do not need to use any injections of contrast dye or sedation to take high quality pictures.

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Marvellous experience

A marvellous experience. I was very nervous having failed to go through a scan before and the two ladies were so nice and understanding and I was able to complete the scan on my front. I could not have done it without their kind understanding.

Rated 5 stars on doctify