Can I have an MRI if I have a pacemaker?

Dr Charlotte Manisty
Professor Charlotte Manisty
Consultant Cardiologist

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Historically, some of the older cardiac pacemakers were deemed not to be safe within an MRI scanning environment which would prevent patients with these devices from having an MRI scan.  The concern was that the magnetic field within the MRI would interact with the pacemaker and prevent it from working normally.

More recently, pacemaker devices have been designed that are safe to be scanned within an MRI.  As a result, we are now scanning more and more patients who have pacemakers.

Unfortunately, one of the problems we hear from patients is that they are told they cant have an MRI scan because they have a pacemaker, even though their device has been designed and tested to be safe within an MRI scanning environment. We aim to provide scans for all patients who have a pacemaker, of any part of their body in a safe, structured and monitored environment.

If you would be interested in discussing an MRI appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Marvellous experience

A marvellous experience. I was very nervous having failed to go through a scan before and the two ladies were so nice and understanding and I was able to complete the scan on my front. I could not have done it without their kind understanding.

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