Why is cardiac MRI the best method for looking at the heart?

Dr Charlotte Manisty
Professor Charlotte Manisty
Consultant Cardiologist

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For over 10 years, our specialist team at the Chenies Mews Imaging Centre have been using MRI scanners to look at the heart and the major blood vessels that enter and exit it.  Over this time, we have increased our understanding of the technique and now lead the way in the use of MRI to demonstrate the normal heart as well as the various conditions and disease processes that may effect.


We know that an MRI scan is the best method for looking at the structure and function of the heart but there is also lots of other information that an MRI scan of the heart can tell us.  For example, we commonly use MRI to look at scarring in the heart (that may happen following a heart attack) and it can give us important information about some other heart muscle conditions, particularly inherited cardiac problems.

We can also use cardiac MRI for looking at the blood flow within the heart, to see whether there are any problems with that blood flow through the chambers of the heart or whether you’ve ever had a heart attack in the past which may affect the blood flow through the small blood vessels within the heart muscle.

The information gained from your MRI scan will guide management of your heart condition and tell you and your doctor a bit more about what’s going on with your heart.

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Truly grateful

Having tried for many months to get my MRI done at other centres, I am truly grateful to you and your team and Chenies Mews for seeing me and giving me the scan I so badly needed

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