Why wait for an MRI scan?

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As demand for MRI scanning in busy NHS departments increases, so too does the wait time for MRI appointments.  MRI scan waiting times are currently up to 6 weeks on average, with an additional one to two weeks before the results from the MRI scan are published and available to your doctor.

A long wait time can add to the stress and anxiety that some patients may already be experiencing and we know how important the results can be, especially for patients who are awaiting a diagnosis in order to start treatment.

At the Chenies Mews Imaging Centre, we can provide appointments for the majority of MRI scans far quicker than our NHS counterparts, with appointments often available the same day and results available within just 4 hours of the scan taking place.  This allows patients to obtain the MRI scan and crucial results much quicker, aiding a faster diagnosis and treatment and potentially better outcomes.

How do we do this? MRI is our speciality and we know how best to get the most out of our scanners.  We have optimised the scanners and the imaging techniques we use to make the process as efficient as possible. This ensures that patients are seen as soon as possible and helps to accommodate referrals quickly at even peak times.

Once the scan is complete, our in house team of expert radiology and cardiology consultants may then make use of powerful image processing computers and a highly sophisticated radiology system to view and carefully analyse the images in order to write their detailed report.  Once this is complete, our team will then issue the report to the referring clinician without delay.

Most importantly, although we can offer appointments very quickly through our efficient service, we don’t rush our patients.  In fact, we are still able to offer appointment slots that allow our staff and our patients plenty of time to prepare for the scan and make use of the additional comforts that our expertly designed clinic offers.  For patients who are anxious, we can ensure that they are allowed extra time to familiarise themselves with our extra wide and spacious MRI scanners with the help of our caring team.

If you or a family member has been referred for an MRI scan and would like to avoid the wait, please get in touch to discuss your needs.  Once we understand the type of scan you need, we can then provide you with a fixed all-inclusive price and offer you the next available appointment.

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