How may I make a comment or complaint?

If you have any comments or complaints about our service, the reception staff at the Chenies Mews Imaging Centre will be able to provide immediate assistance, or you may ask to speak to the registered manager.

We also have a formal complaints procedure which is as follows:

• All complaints are dealt with in a confidential manner and are fully investigated.
• All complaints will ordinarily be acknowledged within 2 working days, with a detailed reply within 20 working days if we are not able to address the problem immediately.
• If your complaint is of a serious nature and it takes longer to resolve, we will update you on the progress regularly.

Patients can also complain directly to the Care Quality Commission. However, the Care Quality Commission may decide that the complaint should be handled at a local level initially and return the complaint back to Chenies Mews Imaging Centre.

The Care Quality Commission can be contacted directly at:

Care Quality Commission
CQC National Customer Service Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne

Telephone: 0845 6013012

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